Trump.D Diary : Tuesday 24th January 2017

Pipeline Day!

With all the planned alterations here around the White House I’m in a building kind of mood so today is Pipeline Day! J

America needs more industry and industry needs fuel so we need to stop listening to hippy environmental protesters at the cost of US jobs and businesses.

Of course the environment’s important but who knows where global warming is headed or what any additional long term environmental effects might be?  At 70 years old, and with only 2 years before re-election kicks in, I should give a damn about long term effects?

No, we need fuel and for that we need pipelines and for that we need steel – US steel.  We need to generate more manufacturing business to use that fuel and more infrastructure to support that business.  I’m a great believer in that Field Of Dreams quote “if you build it, they will come”.


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