Trump.D Diary : Tuesday 7th February 2017 : Politics! :-((

The legal battle for the country's safety and security marches on. If the US doesn't win this case against the US then it will be a disgrace

Not much more to say about the case to protect our borders except that it rolls and and could end up in the Supreme Court because we won't give up on our election promises and that means securing our borders.  That's what I said on the road, that's what I meant, that's what the people of America voted for and that's just what I did upon taking office. So what was the problem?  Several people and ultimately one so-called judge decided in their infinite wisdom that the measures were illegal and unconstitutional so now we have a plague of lawyers arguing on both sides of the issue.  Not that there is a valid opposition case but everyone and his dog's on the bandwagon now so it'll just have to run its course for no better reason than that - apparently - is what the constitution dictates. 

As if it wasn't already evident from some of my tweets, let me tell you that being President isn't half as much fun as you might expect.

Melania's won one of her libel cases over despicable allegations made in a public blog so there's at least some justice in the system.  When anyone from amateur bloggers to professional hacks chooses to publish anything as fact then they have a responsibility for the accuracy and prove-ability of whatever they've said.

The one exception to this is when you're the owner and CEO of a company.  Then you can cite whatever random "facts" you feel make your point and support your message.  Let's face it, nobody's gonna go back to a CEO and tell 'em they were wrong are they? 

That's another pisser about being President 'cos now everyone's hung up on numbers and detail.  It drives me crazy.  Exactly how many visas were revoked? Who gives a XXX?  Are the number of murders actually at a 47-year peak?  What does that actually matter when the real message is a need to tighten up homeland and personal security?

I had a good meeting today with representative of the National Sheriff's Association.  Did any one of them say "sorry Mr President I think your facts are wrong"  No of course they didn't!  That's just one of the reasons the meeting was so productive.  I talked, they listened; they talked I listened.  These are the real grass-roots people who have to deal with illegal immigrants, vagrants and other undesirables day after day.  These are my kind of people.  And they don't get bogged down in detail.

Melania wants to get our White House remodeling details finalized but I've told her that we probably need to get our proposals signed off by the judiciary rather than settle on a color scheme and then have some so-called judge tell us we can't use that shade of pink because he thinks it could be racially offensive.




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