Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 11th August 2017

It's almost all about Korea from 'fire and fury' to 'locked and loaded'

How can anyone be expected to negotiate with a regime that's consistently lied and cheated?

They don't like UN sanctions but what do they expect?

They want nation-state recognition and maybe they see nuclear capability as a way of achieving that.  But then - in the midst of violating UN restrictions to hold missile tests - what CAN they expect to achieve by threatening the US?  Maybe it makes them look good internally - blame the US for everything that isn't easy or comfortable.  Others do.

China's role has been disappointing and now both China and Russia urge "less confrontation" but we didn't start that rhetoric and Kim isn't listening.

Previous administrations have given way and now it's all come home to roost.  We will not shirk our duty or responsibility in this issue and N. Korea had better start working out how it wants to come through this situation because the rules are clear and they will not be bent this time.

Maduro wants to talk - maybe about our mutual distrust of CNN and the BBC - but at least it's a start.

Just saw the figures on wage savings in Russia.  Hee Hee!






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