Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 14th April 2017

The mother of all far!

Well the week started with a bang of course.   The 49-missile attack on Syria to be precise. 

And we were precise... we didn't just miss the runways - although hitting them too would've been nice - but they'd have just filled them in with all the rubble anyway.   That attack's put Russia's nose out of joint to say the least!  There's a war of cold words from the Kremlin but they'll just need to understand that while Assad is prepared to cross the line and use chemical weapons then Russia has to choose between good relations with US or Assad.  Rex Tillerson will have to go over there and make them understand which way they should choose.

Having lots of talks with Xi Jinping to get China onside against the rising nuclear threat of N. Korea. Why China supports Kim Jong-Un is something of a mystery anyway except that both countries idealize communism. 

Kim Jung-Un's communism doesn't represent the ideal communist mantra of "fair shares for all", the country is run by networks of indoctrination and fear and the vast majority live in poverty and suppression.  The evidence of this is hard to obtain since almost all normal human rights are surrendered at the border, visitors are rigidly chaperoned and the only photos allowed are the official handout variety.   Similar regimes throughout history have been riddled with corruption, greed and extortion.  That North Korea can parade such an impressive arsenal of modern weaponry is as impressive and worrying as it makes mockery of the nation's widespread poverty. 

Surely even China would struggle to see any democracy in the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea?  The latest N. Korean missile test failed miserably but we can't rely on their ineptitude or that they learn nothing from the event...

ISIS have now claimed responsibility for the heinous and organized attack on innocent worshipers in Egypt!  45 dead and more than 100 injured!!!

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi immediately announced a three-month state of emergency on Sunday night in response to the bombings and we can only send our support and condolences. 

Actually we can - and did - go one better!  We send the MOAB ( the mother of all bombs) - the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat - straight onto an ISIS stronghold in E. Afghanistan.  Now that was one test that definitely worked! :-))  How many dead?  ISIS say none, others 30+ and sources in Afghanistan nearly 100. But it certainly sent a message I'm sure Egypt would endorse.

OK so all that said, NATO is not obsolete.  I don't believe I ever said that it was.  I know what I've said and it wasn't that exactly. 

Anyway talks with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg have gone quite well and he says he understands my real criticism which is of unfair contributions from the member states.  If everyone else puts up their fair share then we have a workable club (with which to hammer down some of these other issues).

Good news? 

Well, Ron Estes took Kansas after what liked like too close a finish! And Gorsuch got in after lots of flak from the Democrats but the Republican vote was sufficient and - for once - sufficiently united.  And Melania's still hot!

Easter's coming!  Aren't we supposed to be ordering some eggs............?



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