Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 14th July 2017

A Wonderfully Successful G20 and follow-up meeting with Emmanuel Macron and his beautiful wife. Great Bastille Day Parade. Donald releases Russian emails proving zero happened

G20 was a great chance to meet with old and new friends, to talk about trade and cooperation .. and to listen to their insistence we should stay with the Paris Agreement. Feelings run high and everybody has an opinion - including rowdy public demonstrations.  After my firm stance on the subject maybe they're ready to renegotiate what it costs the US to participate and in that case something could happen.

President Macron's a nice guy and we had some good talks although he's still playing chicken with handshakes but listen I can play that game with anyone.  The Bastille Day celebrations included US troops and Daft Punk's music and was all very impressive.  Everyone loves a parade!

Things with Russia are at a delicate stage but generally constructive.  The fake allegations about Russian interference n our election roll on and that's not helped by Donald's email chain even though absolutely zero happened it tends to prove a Russian interest.  I suggested we should work jointly together on cybersecurity but in this climate I had to back out.  They're insisting we should return the US estates seized under Obama but even that's a tough call - even though they're threatening retaliative measures.  Putin understands tough negotiation so maybe we can all come out happy and clean.

I've said that I cannot imagine that Congress would dare leave Washington without a beautiful new Healthcare bill fully approved and ready to go.  I've also said that I have a pen at the ready to sign off once everybody steps up to their obligations.  They'd better have been listening.



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