Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 15th September 2017

Welcome grandson Eric Luke Trump. Hurricane Irma rakes across Florida. Korea threatens the world - again.

My son Eric and his wife Lara, who wed in 2014, announce the birth of their first child - Eric "Luke" Trump :-))

The hurricane season is hitting hard this year.  Now we've had Irma rampaging across Florida and causing several billions in damages.  Just as in Texas, the Floridian first responders have been really great but obviously there's a heck of a lot of work to do to get things rights again.

It feels as if judges take as much perverse pleasure out of blocking me as I get out of undoing Obama's legacy!  Now a federal judge in Chicago has blocked an order requiring cities to fully cooperate with immigration officials or risk losing some federal funding so the sanctuary cities can continue to obstruct immigration control. 

The no-nukes Iran deal is one of the worst deals I've ever seen, certainly at a minimum the spirit of the deal is atrociously kept. The Iran deal is not a fair deal to this country. It's a deal that should not have ever been made.  We are not going to stand what they are doing with our country. They've violated so many different elements and they've also violated the spirit of that deal which calls on Iran to contribute positively to regional security. 

Trying to show positive support for London against terror attacks, In a tweet, I described the attackers as "loser terrorists" and "sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard".  But then UK Prime Minister Theresa May said she wasn't at all happy about the suggestion that suspects in Friday's London train blast were known to police. 

Hope Hicks is confirmed in the role of communications director.  She can hardly do worse than recent incumbents.  She'll be kept busy as all sides try to work out my game plan.  Had constructive talks with key Demo's on Daca legislation provided it's tied in to tougher immigration control.

North Korea now threatens the entire world, they've fired another missile over Japan and you can just imagine how happy the Japanese are at being under air-raid alert.  China and Russia really have to take more 'direct action' to limit the threat to world peace.


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