Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 16th June 2017

So many lawyers, so little time.

Finally Barron's school year is finished and he and Melania are joining me here at the White House.... with the rest of the family! cool

Bharara doesn't know why he was fired?  Because that's what I do best.  It worked on The Apprentice and it's working out for the administration.  There was no attempt to create any kind of special relationship - at least not on my part - but if the guy won't even pick up the phone for the President then he shouldn't really be surprised at the outcome.

The "Russian witch-hunt" is building its litigation team under Robert Mueller's leadership. They've recruited some real heavy-hitters for their delusional hoax investigation which is really nothing more than a very long, expensive and arduous excuse for them having lost the election.  Not saying I'm planning to give them any satisfaction through direct action but Mueller should take a lesson from Bharara, Comey and others.  Now Pence has had to recruit another lawyer to answer the other lawyers.  The country's going crazy.

So Hawaii's appeal against the travel bans was successful but that's old news.  Cuba's much more current and if you believe what you read in the press, I've managed to change very little ... but then why is the Cuban government so angry?  You can't have it both ways.

Now the Dems are preparing a lawsuit because foreign diplomats choose to stay at the Trump Hotel.  This is a free country and they can stay wherever they choose but they are dignitaries and very busy people so why wouldn't they choose the best?  They're basically threatening to sue against foreign visitors having freedom of choice.  Well good luck with that!

OK so I did say the health proposals were a great plan but then I was referring to the size of the document rather than its content.  And, yes we do need to temper it at least a little if we're to get it passed.

Our thoughts and sympathies go to all those injured or affected by the senseless attack on our Congressmen and their staff whilst practicing for the baseball match.  Only the brave and selfless action by two wounded officers prevented further casualties and possibly fatalities.  Thankfully the only life lost was that of the perpetrator but that makes it all the harder to understand - if it's possible to understand - what inspired such a brutal attack.

On a happier note, 9 more Trump trademarks have been approved in China. Unemployment's down and the markets are up.  Critics say we've no right to claim any credit for these upturns ... but they'd have been the first to lay blame here if the economy wasn't improving. 

Luckily I don't rely on public opinion to know whether I'm doing a good job.  My cabinet all - all of them without exception - say what a privilege and honour it is to serve under my leadership.  That does slow down the start of our meetings but it's always good to hear from such experts in their fields and it's great that they're confident enough to speak candidly about how they feel.




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