Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 18th August 2017

All I said was....

The week started badly.  All I said was that both sides had behaved excessively and needed to tone it down.  Demonstrations against the removal of a Robert E Lee statue had led to bitter confrontations between white supremacists, neo-nazis and KKK on the one hand and civil rights protesters on the other.   One woman (Heather Heyer) was killed and many more injured when a car, allegedly driven by a rally participant, sped into a crowd of anti-racism protesters. 

These statues have been part of American history and culture, we can't wipe away the history or the lessons by removing the statues.  And clearly removing the statues has given them so much more meaning for the right and so much more significance for the left.  They're just statues!

Everyone said I needed to come down harder on the right - and I did in a follow-up on Monday - but then I ad-libb'ed after that and stirred it all up again.

Consequently, with so many players withdrawing their support I quickly decided to abandon and disband my business councils.  I never really needed their input anyway.

If China won't help out with N. Korea then maybe we need to take a serious look at their product copyrights....

Our thoughts, payers and love go to Heather Heyer, her family and to the other people affected by Charlottesville. 

And now there's another incident of drive-in terrorism - this time in Barcelona, Spain.  A van plowed into tourists killing 13 and injuring more than 100.  Only hours later a car drove into pedestrians in the nearby town of  Cambrils, killing one woman and injuring at least 7 more including a police officer.  These cowardly attacks are disgusting violations of the basic principles of humanity.  Anyone who would encourage, commission, support or carry out such attacks is pure evil.









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