Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 19th May 2017

Another step on the march towards peace

Things are looking up ! Trump by name and Trump by nature :-))  Kim Jong-un is nibbling the bait of possible talks and that has to be a good sign for world peace.

I'm on my first foreign trip shortly - starting in Saudi Arabia and as their Adel al-Jibur rightly says this is a call for peace between Muslims and not only the US but the West in general.  And he's no slouch - just look him up on Facebook!  Mind you, it's a relief that Sudan's President Bashir has declined their invitation - that could have been awkward.  After all, he's wanted by the International Criminal Court for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity but what could I have done if we'd met... make a (world) citizen's arrest??

Still on th epeace trail, I've extended the sanctions relief on Iran.  I know I said this was the "worst deal ever" but it is a step on the road to peace and anyway sine then I've made worse deals - trust me.

Comey was one of several hire-fires - a real nut job as it turned out and nothing whatsoever to do with wasteful investigations into the persevering Fake News reports about Russian collusion.  It's an utter disgrace and a waste of public money to keep digging into this empty hole but even the recent budget pressures couldn't stop the wasted time, effort and money going into this.  I never shared an information with the Russian delegates and even if I had then I would've been well within my Presidential rights.  Furthermore, Israel are NOT the alleged source of the alleged leaked information but they have said relations with the US will proceed undamaged.  So that's OK the, right?

Even Putin's cracking jokes about the whole situation - and it is laughable - but Putin telling jokes is like, a really crazy situation - even more weird than the US receiving UN praise on our climate initiatives despite all our America First directives.  What are they after now?  NAFTA's squarely in our sights too.... maybe we'll win an award from them?!?

I see Al Green's calling for my impeachment on the grounds of "obstruction of justice".  That's even crazier than Putin and the UN combined - I mean, doesn't the record show that the judiciary has obstructed every major election promise and Presidential initiative since I took office.  What a switcheroo!

Melania and Barron will soon be joining me here in the White House and that's great.  She said she didn't mind slumming it for a while if I took office so I hope she remembers that when she's missing the gold elevators and so forth.  Better check that the decorators are all gonna be finished in time for her big arrival.  Ivanka's excited too - it'll be a proper family reunion. 

On that point why is everyone calling Michael Cohen creepy for just being a proud Dad and posting his daughter's photo?  It's not like it was porno or anything - it was a legitimate and professionally produced photo.  He's proud of his daughter just as I am of mine.  I said that if Ivanka wasn't my daughter I date her.  If they think Cohen's creepy what would they make of that?

Fake news of course!



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