Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 1st September 2017

Harvey was horrific but Texas can handle anything and it will bounce back

Seb Gorka's left the White House.  I didn't fire him.  I liked him and anyway I've been too busy undoing Obama's legacy.  Clamping down on trans-genders in the miltary (although those that are already in can stay in - for now) , and enabling the police to benefit from army surplus.  We need a tough line on crime, on drugs and on immigration and that's why I pardoned Chief Arpaio because it's never tougher than on the streets in the front line of law enforcement.

In the deepening diplomatic spat with Russia we've now told them they need to close their San Francisco consulate.  They are unlikely to regard that as a welcome cut in expenses  so we await their response.

We're getting 4 wall samples built - about 30 feet high and wide so we can assess various designs and characteristics.  AND so we can convince all the doubters that I meant what I said.

Finally, hurricane Harvey went to Texas this week.  And stayed in Texas. With rainfall of biblical proportion.  Melania and I visited the region and promised national support in getting the state back on track.  For the moment we can only offer encouragement: "Texas can cope wit anything" I said.  I hope that's true...




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