Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 22nd September

The UN needs a wake-up, shake up & man-up and I'm just the man. In the War of the Words , Rocket Man shows his medieval - if not plain evil - tendencies ...... A DOTARD !?!?

The UN stands for UNnoying.  I once tendered their refurbishment at  $0.5Bn and they eventually paid $1.5Bn elsewhere.  If that's not a sign of inefficiency then it has to be a sign of something a lot more worrying.  The UN needs to become more efficient AND stop leaning on the US for  excessive funding.  It's the same with the Paris Accord and my approach has been the same to both - we'll opt out until and unless we can negotiate a fair shake for America.  They need us more than we need them.

The UN also needs to wake up to its responsibilities in protecting world peace from rogue nations and nuke-hungry tyrants like N. Korea's "Rocket Man" Kim Jong-un.  We have the ability and the fortitude to wipe N. Korea off the map if we're forced to defend our country or our allies.  There are rogue states in the UN, states that have no respect for their citizens, for humanity or for the UN and the UN needs to address those issues squarely.

Of course, Kim Jong-un aka Rocket Man is top of my anti-list. right now but I'm certainly not alone.  If he thinks he can go on developing nukes - let alone fly them over Japan's sovereign airspace for Pacific testing - then he's in for a rude awakening. 

Did he really call me a dotard!?!  How old is that translation software??  Verily I say unto thee, gadzooks cool thy britches lest ye get cast asunder.

He has pretty small hands - did you ever notice that?  Probably small feet too.  In fact ........ you don;t need me to explain.

Air Force 1's feeling a little cramped these days - and the emir of Kuwait has a bigger one.  We'd better think about restoring America's national pride with something more appropriate.


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