Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 23rd June 2017

The Panama Canal still works, (arms) business is booming and Georgia makes it 5 and 0. GO TRUMP!

Give me a break!  i never said that I had a hand in building the Panama canal (do you see any gold fittings?) but in saying something positive about Panama at the end of my meeting with Juan Carlos Verela there wasn't a heck of a lot else to comment on.

Very sadly, Otto Warmbier died this week from injuries sustained during his detention in N. Korea.  They finally sent him home on "humanitarian grounds" after he'd "been in a coma for over 15 months".  How humanitarion is that delay - or having caused his injuries in the first place?!   He was initially accused of trying to steal propaganda material from a hotel.  Given that it was propaganda you'd think even the N. Koreans would be glad somebody wanted it.  The whole incident is wicked and cruel except for the small mercy that Otto's parents were able to see him and have him home at the end.  Disgraceful!

It seems my Tweets have entered the realms of art with a 2-day exhibition being extremely well subscribed.  Another Presidential first ... eat your heart out Obama!

The Senate Dems held a 5-hour talk-athon this week in protest that we're still formulating - and haven't yet published - the details of our new health plan.  Really! If we haven't fleshed out the detail what do they expect us to share?  And anyway they only want to pick holes in what will be an excellent plan.  How childish do they look?  It makes me want to stamp my foot and fire them all...

Georgia's stayed with the Republicans despite the Dems' extraordinary effort and investment in the campaign. sealed Tee Hee!  OK so our majority was eroded but what could we expect after such a massive effort on their part?  It's a major win for us and makes it 5 and 0 so far.  That'll surely take the wind out of their sails for future campaigns.  Go trump!

Even a lot of the Dems are chanting "Go Trump" .......... could they be changing sides?

The never-ending Russian smear campaign is getting really tedious now.  If there must be an investigation surely it should be unbiased?  That's hardly likely when Mueller and his gang are all Dem supporters???  Where's the objectivity?

I won't be visiting the UK for a while yet.  The mere mention of my name at the UK's Glastonbury rock festival was greeted by jeers so obviously the fake news has reached even that small outpost.  Anyway Theresa May's position is way too fragile for me to waste my valuable time.  Let's see how things pan out first.



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