Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 25th August 2017

Moduro blames US, Russia blames us, we blame Pakistan, I blame my own party and of course the FAKE NEWS for actually reporting that I'd said there was blame on both sides.

All Venezuela's troubles are caused by the US?  That's rich!  Moduro's just playing smoke and mirrors after we rebuked him for making his opposition leaders disappear.  This wasn't an AGT magic act but good old-fashioned secret police arrest on the orders of a ruthless dictator. Let's not forget that Moduro huh?

Farewell and thanks to Steve Bannon  - "Bannon the Barbarian."  I know he will keep fighting to make our country great.

There was talk of people boycotting the White House reception for the Kennedy Awards?  Fine, well the Trumps will boycott and let them have their celebrations without political distraction.  Job done.

Russia cut our diplomatic staff and now they're complaining that we can only issue US visas from Moscow in future.  What did they expect? Those 700+ staff weren't doing crosswords and people watching all day.  The consulates in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok just can't handle the workload on reduced numbers..

In an admitted 180-degree turnabout I am keeping US troops in Afghanistan ... indefinitely - until results warrant a re-think.  Some decisions just look different from behind the big desk and this was oe of them.  Rex Tillerson has increased pressure on Pakistan over its perceived backing for the Taliban in Afghanistan so we're chipping away on that front too.

Of course Pakistan denies sheltering the Taliban, but the US is one of their key allies and sources of aid so they'd better walk the talk and change their approach to how they are dealing with the numerous terrorist organisations that find safe haven in Pakistan.

DreamHost had argued the DoJ's warrant would have revealed 1.3 million anti-Trump IP addresses to the DoJ.but the DoJ has sadly now narrowed the scope of its demand focused on the use of the website to plan and carry out a criminal act - a "riot" - not the "lawful activities of peaceful protesters".

Enough division and derision!  It's time to heal the wounds and pull together in harmony for the sake of the US.  If the Rabbis don't want a Presidential call that's their right but we can't keep rahashing Charlottesville and anyway it was never a Trump tradition - we can make our own traditions.

Only tolerance and unity will help us make the US great again.  That, and once the Republican party - Mitch McConnell and others -  get their act in gear.  They need to take responsibility for the legislative "mess". on the US debt limit and healthcare. 


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