Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 26th May 2017

Drive out the terrorists. .. and that does not mean offer them a free ride!! Endless hand-shakes. Religion, Terrorism, Peace, NATO. climate and now a hole in Mar a-Lago

The Saudis were very welcoming and seem like very nice people.  Great to do business with.  Well they DO have very deep pockets and we're very happy to sign arms and other deals totalling 0.35 trillion dollars.  Not a bad day at the office huh?

I'm not in the habit of repeating myself.  I'll say that again - I am not in the habit of repeating myself.

But I sent a clear message to the assembled Islamic nations in Saudi Arabia.  Terrorism undermines world peace and they have a role to play in eradicating terrorism:-

Drive them out.  Drive them out.  Drive them out.   Drive them out!  Drive them out!

Israel, of course, showed great hospitality and discussions as always focused on Israel's security and future within the context of a trouble middle-east region.

Despite the fact that I said Iran posed a threat in harboring terrorists, they (Iran) responded by saying that nobody was doing more (isn't that MY phrase?!?) to combat terrorism.... wouldn't THAT be nice!  Unfortunately they also insist on developing ballistic capabilities and I'm adamant that must never happen. Never. Never happen!

Aw shoot!  ANOTHER terrorist atrocity.  This time in Manchester UK and even killing young children.  These guys are pure evil and utter losers.  I just hope my peace message in Saudi takes root before many more innocent lives are forfeit.

The Pope's an interesting character and was VERY happy to greet us.  I know the photos seem to tell a different story but I think he poor guy was suffering an uncomfortable bout of indigestion at that moment.  He very kindly gave us a copy of his letter on climate change... something for later. 

What can one say after meeting the Pope?  I credited him with inspiring me to even greater determination for world peace - I clearly couldn't mention climate despite his unsubtle hint so world peace just had to do.  Sadly it kind of suggests I was previously something less than 100% determined for world peace.  Utter garbage of course but that's politics.

The UN / G7 meetings in Italy were pretty exhausting.  They also kept banging on about climate change so to keep the peace I said I was "undecided" about our role in the Paris convention but really I've already demonstrated that it's America First and we WILL exploit our natural reserves even at the expense of landscape and climate. 

At least we COULD agree on a call for increased diligence against use of social media and internet for terrorist purposes.  A small achievement perhaps as all the onus is on someone else ; i.e. the internet and social media giants.

The whole place was awash with Presidents.  I swear some of those countries are no bigger than my office in Trump Towers - and certainly no bigger than Mar a-Lago!! I even had to jostle my way through the crowd to achieve my rightful position.  Apparently the guty I "displaced" was Dusko Markovic, the prime minister of Montenegro, but who would have known?  Does he even Tweet???

No sooner do I turn my back than it's chaos at home!  A sinkhole's now opened next to my beloved golf course at Mar a-Lago.  Talk about being undermined...!!




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