Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 30th June 2017

Media chaos. CNN can't hack it. Time can't work it out. And the "arms" race cannot continue

I'm too nice a person to have said so before but since this Russia fiasco won't go away then I have to say that Obama was in a position to raise it BEFORE the election so let them all investigate what he knew when and why he chose to keep quiet.  I, on the other hand, just led my campaign as best I could AND I WON - that's what really sticks it to them!

FINALLY the travel ban is through all the legal bullshit and goes into effect on 30th with only the addition of a "close relations" clause - a clear victory for National Security ... and Presidential power. 

US - India relations are clearly never better although I was a bit shocked by Narindra Modi's bear-hug!!

It seems that here really is and "arms" race over Presidential greetings now that some of my innocent gestures have been taken out of context.  I really hope it goes no further than a man-hug...!  I've agreed to attend the French Bastille Day celebrations so that's our chance to put an end to any talk of a less than innocent handshake with Emmanuel Macron.  But I draw the line at eating snails.

Turnberry golf course has been revamped and renamed as King Robert The Bruce and fittingly opened by an actor in the role of Bruce..and my son Eric.  Time magazine's raising a fuss over our spoof magazine covers featuring yours truly.  You'd think they'd take the hint and actually feature me on the next issue rather than split hairs wouldn't you?

The healthcare package revisions continue to face opposition and speculation.  Now the CBO has fired people up with a prediction that 15M people would lose cover in the first year and another 7M over the decade.  They do concede that there would be $321 BN savings but anyway we're just saying their calculations are flawed.  No sense getting bogged down in detail.  I remain confident it'll get over the line... provided everyone stays calm and listens to our spin.

Had a bit of a Tweet fest with CNN.  They dish it out but clearly they don't like it when someone fires back.  Well tough! This President isn't just gonna sit quietly as a media target and they might as well get used to the idea.

Darned media made a complete nonsense of President Moon's visit and showed themselves up something rotten virtually wrestling each other for camera angle and knocking over a table.  Disgraceful!   I don't mind saying I was embarrassed for them although I played it all down in a very statesmanlike way in order to preserve some dignity in front of S. Korea's President.


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