Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 4th August 2017

In- out- shake-up's what it's all about. Making the WhiteHouse Story -"Melania, I just met a girl called Melania" and of course "What do you do about a problem like Korea?"

Walter Shaub's stepped down alleging a low point in th ethics program ... well, you ain't seen nuthin' yet!

The police are too nice and I told them that.  Never mind the person you're apprehending is presumed innocent until proven guilty, most of them really ARE guilty so don't go overboard on creature comforts.

Kelly'll do a fantastic job in place of Priebus,  He may even last out the month!  Scaramuuci only lasted 10 days or so as Head of Communications but jeez that guy took communication to a new level and Kelly was quite right to fire him.  A good start!

If there's one thing that gets my goat more than my Presidential orders being challenged by the public and - even worse - the judiciary, it's a blind dictatorship and Maduro of Argentina is just such a case.  He's formally arrested 3 opposition leaders who were already under house arrest and now who knows what might happen to them?

Speaking of dictators, why is China being so stand-offish about exerting its influence over N. Korea - especially now they've gone ahead and tested another ballistic missile?

 And what's all this talk of Scottish independence again?  Don't they realise what's at stake??? They'd lose the British Open golf championship!  That would be terrible.

I just heard that 2 more of our brave US soldiers have been killed in yet another suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan.  Our thoughts and prayers go to the families and colleagues of those affected and of course our gratitude for their sacrifice.

Nieto's gotta stop saying the Mexico won't pay for the wall.  New Hampshire's awash with drugs smuggled over the border and opioids cause as many US deaths every 3 weeks as 9-11 caused in total.  That's shocking!

The Dow Jones is at a record high and of course the pessimists say they are worried about a crash.  Why can't they just give this Presidency some credit for boosting US business?

We have another string to our bow on immigration and have leaked some radical reviews of the Raise Act.  That'll give the hecklers something to think about!

Hey, one of my old drawings just sold for $30K! wink  If that keeps up I might have to start a new arm of the Trump empire.

BTW : I DID NOT bow to the King of Saudi Arabia - I just had a touch of cramp from waiting and was stretching out my calves. 



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