Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 5th May 2017

America First, Environment Second

Our America-First Offshore Strategy is just another par of the big plan to Make America Great Again.

We need to exploit all our reserves of natural resources in order to get industry moving forward and to create much needed jobs.  Ask any unemployed person if they are prepared to stay in near-poverty for some intangible benefits to their grandkids' environment and I'll tell you what thir answer is.  It's a no-brainer.  Drill for oil, mine for coal, build pipelines and revitalize the economy before worrying about parks and puffins!

We also need The Wall.  Despite illegal immigration being down by 73% under this administration.  The Wall is more infrastructure, more industry, more jobs.  Don't even think about it.  I don't.

I made many friends and supporters in Atlanta when went on record and said that we wouldn't restrict gun ownership.  Obama had wanted to prevent anyone with mental illness from being able to buuy a gun.  Hell, they're all at least a bit crazy - gun crazy if nothing else! There are just too many would-be Jessie James' or Rambos out there and guns are very big business.  No way I'm hurting business like that or encouraging the wrath of the National Rambo Association.

Our great health plan enjoyed a tremendous victory in the House of Representatives (albeit by only 1 vote) and will surely now sail through the Senate. At the end of a successful meeting with Malcolm Turnbull - OK so we are going to honour the refugee agreement - I happened to praise the Australian healthcare system as better than our own.  They have a sort of "medicare for all" system which is the opposite of what we're trying to achieve but the point was simply to praise Australia and resolve to do better at home.  Which is what we're doing .  Isn't it?

After a month of silence following our missiles, I had a nice chat with Vladimir Putin about Korea and even Syria.  Safe zones are proposed and widely supported for Syria and that will be a big step forward.

Mahmoud Abbas is sounding positive about a peace deal.  Palestine still want the 2-state solution but the options are still open on that.  The main thing is to get the parties talking.

Hell, I'll even meet with Korea's Kim Jong-un if it's appropriate.  Amongst all the sabre-rattling I have said Publicly that Kim Jong-un is "a pretty smart cookie" so that might go some way to opening the door of opportunity.  I just hope "smart cookie" doesn't translate into some form of family insult!!

I now have plans to visit the Vatican, Israel and Saudi Arabia before meetings with NATO and G7 so today's "flag" is religious tolerance and freedom.  Our religious Liberty Order will leave churches free to actively participate in politics.   After all, religion IS politics - but maybe with a more stringent dress-code.


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