Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 7th April 2017

Finally got to shoot something! Visitors, opportunities & revelations

Assad had finally overstepped the commonly accepted mark by using chemical warfare against women, childen and babies - yes babies....babies - in Syria.  Perhaps a sign of how desperate they're becoming but totally unacceptable - at least to everyone except Russia and maybe China.  Anyhow I managed o get an executive order out without it being blocked by the judiciary so we sent 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles to destroy the Syrian airfield from which those chemical attacks were launched.

This was on the eve of President Xi's visit to Mar-a-Logo and in typical Chinese fashion he made no immediate comment on that action and we were able to focus on moving towards a sustainable trading arrangement.  With China holding 2/3 of our trade deficit there's every reason for him to understand why change is necessary and a big incentive on us both to get it right.  No golden putter (this time) but very constructive talks. Very constructive. Very. Tremendous progress. Tremendous. Progress.

I don't know what Shapiro was thinking to suggest the attack was as a result of my "problems at home"!  The administration's becoming a family business and Melania's every bit as beautiful and welcoming as ever.  She hardly needed any air-brushing at all for her official photograph. Mar-a-Logo's doing a great job as a Presidential retreat and is much better than Camp David which is more appropriate for a boy scout convention.  And I'm certainly no boy scout!

Neither - apparently - is Fox's Bill O'Reilly.  Why else would he have settled 15 harassment claims?  But I don't think he's done anything wrong - just being an all-American male surely?  Way to go Bill!

Abdel Fatah al-Sisi also dropped by.  He's another charismatic leader like Putin and myself and we have a lot of common ground to build on - mainly in the international war on terrorism and - like Putin - we'll get along best if I ignore any allegations of "internal terrorism" by his state.

Another campaign pledge realized! I donated my first salary check to US Parks.  Frankly it wouldn't have been worth the admin to keep it but donate it I did - with appropriate pomp and ceremony of course.  So that's $78k to help them budget around the $billions of funding cuts.  We all have to do our bit!

Gorsuch got through and I still have over 100 judicial vacancies to assign so it's only a  matter of time before the so-called judges who've been blocking my agenda become a weak minority and we can get on with making America grate again.


Putin's not exactly pleased with our Syrian response so maybe that'll help settle some of the dust on the never-ending allegations of Russian collusion?





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