Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 9th June 2017

Nobody's more honest than me and anybody who says I'm a liar is lying or making up fake news

The week's been dominated by James Comey's statements.  OF COURSE the guy has a grudge - after all I did sack mail.

But the Comey - Flynn - Russia fiasco just rolls on and on despite the fact that I've publicly stated there's no substance to it and even though I'm the President and - of course - I NEVER lie.

I'm willing to swear under oath - separate from the Presidential Oath and the Oath of Allegiance - if that'll help.

And nor do I get it wrong.

It may have just SOUNDED like Tillerson and I wee banging different drums on Qatar.  But I was speaking about humanitarian issues and he was speaking about business.  Is Qatar still on for the next Soccer World Cup I wonder...?

And of course none of this was deflected by Theresa May's disastrous re-election - snatching defeat out of a hollow victory.  How the EU must be laughing up their sleeves at that rousing public endorsement of her impending Brexit negotiations.



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