Trump.D Diary : Wed 8th Feb 2017 : Keep my family out of it

Within hours of issuing an internal memo siding against the so-called immigration ban, Nordstrom bosses decide to de-list Ivanka's fashion products. Coincidence?

A keynote of my Presidential campaign was controlling America's borders and restricting entry to anyone who would betray our generosity with hostile intention.  This policy I personally believe is long overdue to protect our nation and its honest citizens but I'm aware that it's also a policy supported and very much wanted by the majority of those honest citizens. 

That's why I got elected and, as a responsible President, it was one of my first orders of business.

Terrorists and activists don't wear badges so I aimed to restrict entry from specific areas with active anti-American factions.  This is not - never was - a Muslim ban as represented by those with their own agendas of undermining this Presidency or the security of this proud nation.  With around 25% of the world's population following the Muslim faith, it would be impossible to impose a Muslim ban without closing our borders completely.

So measures to genuinely improve national security have been  irresponsibly re-shaped and re-hashed into some kind of racial issue in order to confuse matters and generate resistance.  I have no doubt that the courts and if necessary the Supreme Court will ultimately confirm that the measures are all about security and not at all about race, and they will reinstate the restrictions.

In the meantime, negative public opinion has been whipped up against not only the restrictions and my Presidency but - very unfairly - anything and anyone bearing my name.

I am extremely proud of my family and all that they've achieved through their own efforts and ingenuity.  None more so than Ivanka who's created her own business interests and  earned a considerable measure of success.

I do think it's unfair that Ivanka should suffer as a result of a temporary public storm whipped up against my Presidency and in which she has no involvement; and it is disappointing that Nordstrom didn't take a more objective, longer-term view on what they say has been a recent downturn in sales.



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