Trump.D Diary : Wednesday 1st February 2017

Blah, blah, blah ... and just maybe more blah

If Washington hot air or journalists' silly questions could be captured as an energy source then we'd have conquered the ultimate renewable fuel.

Every politician is basically employed to have an opinion, which may well be deliberately partisan by affiliation, and they have to exploit every opportunity to voice that opinion, to raise their own profile and justify their existence.  Journalists are paid to provide a forum for those opinions and to provoke whatever controversy will sell copy.

Of course there's controversy about every nomination and appointment I make or rescind - that's the nature of party-politics and I suppose it's right that decisions should be subject to review but this is government and not a popularity contest.  We inherited tough conditions and only the courage to make brave decisions will lead us into a better future.

I talked tough with America on the campaign trail because it was appropriate and I'll talk tough with any foreign leader where I think it's necessary.  We've allowed ourselves to be taken advantage of by virtually every other country in the past and that stops with this administration.  If these foreign leaders have gotten so fat and comfortable in the trappings of power that they've forgotten their own humble roots or the humble people they should represent then it's high time they had a wake up call.

Serious issues need straight talking.  Period.

Iran's missile test is disappointing but hardly unexpected from that quarter at this time.   The attack on a Saudi warship by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen looks to be just another demonstration of Iran's destabilizing influence throughout the region and beyond.  The Iranians need to be put on notice that they cannot continue such actions without some appropriate response. 

Direct, honest communication usually works for me so maybe just maybe - before we all get deafened by sabre-rattling - it could be worthwhile having proper discussions about our mutual ambitions, objectives and requirements in the present environment.  At least then we could hope to be really clear about today's issues.





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