Are you giving your customers too much choice?

I was interested to read this article by Kevin Sheldrake on the importance of choice.

Or more importantly the importance of not having too much choice.

It’s odd because the same thing recently happened to me. I was looking at buying a bike and logged on to a well-known website.

I roughly knew what I wanted but to be honest the amount of choice was overwhelming. I was suddenly confronted with an array of options that only a short while before I didn’t even realise existed!

The problem with having too much choice is that it makes customers re-think their original ideas and then doubt themselves. Doubt equals indecision and indecision equals log-off.

Which is what I did.

The story has a happy ending though because I went and found a local retailer who talked me through the options available and what they meant to me.

I left with a brand new bike that I love.

Are you giving your customers too much choice?


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