It’s OK to fire a customer

It’s OK to fire a customer


When you are running a business of any type the prime consideration is usually gaining and keeping customers.


You set your prices to attract customers


You design your marketing to appeal to customers


You set up customer care to retain customers


So why would you want to fire a customer that you’ve tried so hard to attract and retain?


The truth is that some customers will be the ones that your firm can do without and having the confidence in your business to refuse work is a big step on in the process of becoming a successful company owner.


Sometimes when you look at the amount of effort it takes to get a sale from a particular client, or how much you have to trim your prices or how much more you have to supply you’ll realise that although the headline sale figure looks great, you’ve made very little profit - if any.


And although we’re not allowed to say this, sometimes certain customers require so much handholding and cause so much disruption that your firm is better off without them.


Be nice though. Raise your prices a little, do a little less handholding, stop putting freebies in the box.


Before long they’ll become a profitable customer or they’ll make the decision themselves to move on.


And you’ll be happier and more profitable.


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