Lucinda from MAFS AUS touring UK !?!?

Lucinda was the endlessly patient ray of light who eventually melted hard man Tim's stoic exterior...

and then sent him into full meltdown!

I confess to being an avid fan of the MAFS franchise where (literally) hopeless romantics submit to expertly arranged (pseudo-)marriages in a desperate attempt to find their forever one.

The experts advice and counselling is always worth heeding - even, or especially, when it's ignored by the contestants.

But the real fun derives from human frailties and dinner party revelations.

Every season seems to have at least one baddie who's determined to confront and wind up everyone else - often aided by the fact that confidences and unguarded comments are shared by men to men or women to women and then relayed spouse to spouse fuelling explosive "I've got your back"  reveals and confrontations at the next dinner party.

These people are all VERY aware of the constant filming - who could ignore the off-screen gaggle of producers and cameramen? - and yet the bloopers never fail.

Anyway back to Lucinda.  Intensely spiritual but more than  a bit crazy!  Who could forget her wedding dress headpiece or the sage and birdwing 'blessing' she brought to the crappy houple's ceremony.

Her slow talking, endlessly patient and superhumanly optimistic outlook was evidently enjoyed and appreciated by all of the other contestants but a UK tour????

Anybody who's seen more than a few episodes of the series must know all too well what she's about but surely that's enough... and of course anyone who didn't see the series has no reason to spend good time and money on the experience.

The modern world is absolutely teeming with so-called reality TV stars and internet influencers which more simply put means that society in general is week-minded -or at least sheep-minded) enough to welcome the leadership of simple peers armed with nothing more than familiarity, hype and marketing

There are now dating shows where every contestant is selected from the cast of some previous dating show.

We only have ourselbves to blame.


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