Syria - another Putin legacy

The Syrian situation has overshadowed Europe with millions of refugees heading in all directions since 2011

Why is Syria in such a state?

Because President Bashar al-Assad has the support of Vladimir Putin!

After 40+ years of government oppression the Syrian people rose up in 2011 demanding a transition to democracy

And so began the bitter civil war

By any accepted international law, President Bashar al-Assad is a CRIMINAL!

He has been condemned by most other leaders - except the likes of Russia and Iran - specifically ant-west, anti-democracy regimes.

Even before the earthquake much of Syria lay in ruins and now the President is playing malicious politics over access for international aid.

We're approaching the 12th anniversary of Syria's destruction and of (almost) unanimous calls for President Bashar al-Assad to resign.

12 years of almost unparalleled oppression, refugee expatriation, infrastructure decimation and international sanction

Presidents Putin and Bashar al-Assad have both more than shown thier true natures and tenacious fever-grip on the absolute power they so callously abuse

Democracy isn't perfect but it's a free and open environment where peole can live openly and without fear of government persecution

They say "tyrants never last" - but these have lasted for far too long


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