People are making a living on COMMISSION from their favourable reviews of various products. These are not reviews so much as devious adverts

I was recently invited to an online tutorial that was itself a selling pitch for

software to help write product reviews and collect commission on any click-through sales!

This is clearly big business with the presenter claiming $1,000's in commission on a string of products

There's a list of sites that pay commission

There's a list of products that pay commission

And the software being presented would help produce and publish multiple batches of videos purporting to review each product.

But all were variations on a standard template with no hint of genuine review or assessment the whole process is about boosting sales and collecting an average of 50% or more of the consumer's outlay in sales commission.

"Review it at 4.7 or 4.8 out of 5.0 to boost credibility"

With people rushing to spend £200+ on this software and eager to recoup their outlay and start replicating the presenter's claimed income, any genuine product reviews are likely to be swamped into oblivion and the bubble will burst just as soon as everyone understands that these are (often blind) sales pitches for no purpose other than make a sale and collect commission

You have been warned!


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