Putin is insane, the world is mad and Ukraine is suffering

Politics has always been rife with spin - and often BS - but Putin takes the biscuit! ".routine exercises.", ". no plan to invade..", "..essential humanitarian intervention.."

On 24 February 2022, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine,

the final and ultimate escalation of the war bwteen them which began in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea.

Putin talks about NATO as if it is an offensive organisation when clearly it is a DEFENSIVE alliance of nations. 

His recent words have illustrated how he resents Ukraine's 1991 separation from Russian control and merely wants to "bring the rebels to heel".

In an infamous speech at the start of invasion, Putin warned against outside support for Ukraine which could be met by reaction "on a scale never before seen" - clearly a threat that many interpreted in terms of Russia's nuclear arsenal and their boasts of long-range missiles that could span the whole of Europe.

Russia and Ukraine are major sources of oil, gas, grain and chemicals so it was somehat hesitantly that NATO countries imposed sanctions on Russia, Putin, the Oligarks, Russian nationals and Russian assets across the globe.  Maybe such sanctions - if applied in 2014 - might have deterred Putin from this escalation but hindsight is always 20:20 in speculation.

Claiming a "NATO threat" and demanding that Ukraine be permanently excluded from NATO was just a warm up for Putin

who was clearly determined to invade.  Not lying according to his spokeman but employing tactical misinformation! 

However, many Russian people ragard Ukrainians as friendly relations (and indeed many are related across the border) so, for such a violent offensive,

Putin needed an excuse and claimed to be liberating Ukraine from Naziist oppression and abuse. Propaganda does not exist in Russia - only THE TRUTH as presented through state owned and rigidly controlled media so initially many Russians applauded this "humanitarian" action but as real news filtered through more and more came to understand the truth with increasing - although highly illegal - "stop the war" demonstration.

With the help of outside supplies, Ukrainian forces have maintained stoically heroic resistance to the frustration of Putin's plans and - we are currently advised - perhaps the loss of up to 30% of Russia's groudforce through capture or destruction.

Cease-fires and safe passages for Ukraine's civilians have been agreed and abused by Russian forces

and increasingly we are hearing reports of war crimes - rape, torture and genocide of unarmed civilians caught in the conflict.

In short, Russian troups are guilty of the Naziist horrors they were allegedly sent in to prevent

and are committing war crimes against the population they claim to be "liberating"

So much for rhetoric and BS

Putin and his surviving armies will face judgement for their actions and sustained resistance both in all occupied areas of Ukraine and in global economics.

And as for Putin's aim of restricting NATO's range - thanks to his aggression both Sweden and Norway (and maybe others) are now desperate to join in NATO's defences.

Putin has achieved nothing except local death and destruction and increased global economic strain hard on th eheels of Covid

How much more damage will he do before he is removed from power?


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