TTHelp: Personal Reminders

Record 1-off dates, Annual reminders for insurances etc. and of course never forget all-important birthdays or anniversaries...or the current age or milestone achieved

Personal Reminders   

Select Tools/Personal Reminders

There are 3 types of Personal Reminder:-

  • Single
  • Annual
  • Anniversary



Simply a 1-off event at a particular date.  Perhaps a trip or a medical or other appointment.


Something occurring on the same date each year – insurance renewals for example. Each year’s reminder is automatically added.


Anniversaries (birthdays etc.) occur on the same date each year but count years from a base value.  Each year’s reminder is automatically added with an updated year count.


The attached image is annotated for clarity and shows the Create options applicable.

Note that when looking at the Personal Reminders listing, you are always seeing the next occurance - this is important to note for Anniversaries.

Your upcoming Personal Reminders will appear and be highlighted in the Coming soon: The week ahead section of your Community Wall


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