TTHelp: Sharing Content - General Rules & Advice

Posting content is easy but this is just a summary of rules and conditions that you may find useful

NB. Personal Reminders are a very special case and not share-able general Content

Personal Reminders: 1-off, annual or anniversary calendar reminders

- Displayed in your Community Wall

- Anniversaries age-counted from a supplied birth/base year

- Entirely Personal to your account

for more information please see Personal Reminders



TellTrail content is mainly added to the Content Streams found and selected in the page Header but there are exceptions


Community Wall : Current status and activity overview (Default display from TellTrail logo in Header)

   including HotLines : Quick headline messages to selected recipients


Albums & Images : Your images and albums you may choose to share with others

   including "Open Albums" where otehrs can donate images into your account/album

   useful for celebration or memorial collections etc.


Content Streams

Classifieds :     Adverts Buy, Sell, Hire or Donate anything For Free

Directory :*READ ONLY* Lookup recommended consumer services and charities

Events : See what’s on in your communities

Blogs : Share your views and experiences

News : Publish your community news

Jobs : *READ ONLY* See local jobs within recommended businesses

Polls : Poll community opinion via Quick or Detailed formats

Forums : Contribute hot topics for debate and discussion

Advice : Post Confidential requests for community advice

Lost & Found : Report Lost or Found articles


Specific Requirements

Each Content Streamhas its own specific requirements.

Some need sub-headings, some selection from drop-down lists and Events need extensive information but all shoudl be clear whenever you attempt to Create New ...


There are 2 types of Poll available

(Full) Regular Poll

- created via Polls

- with upto 10 response options

- and unlimited accomanying text and images


(Short) Quick Poll

- created via Polls OR optionally attached in certain Content Streams

- with upto 3 response options

- a simple query text

- only one image

Clicking on Polls/ Create New Poll will also display the explanatiion and the choice.



Whenever you’re creating any content, one of your first decisions is always for the Privacy of the post. 

Privacy determines who you authorise as recipients/viewers of your material.


Options range from entirely Personal (i.e. just yourself) through allowing All Members to something completely unrestricted and Public.

Note that where your selection does not incorporate all members you have the option to add All Gold (ID-verified) Members and/or specific members from your group of Contacts.

Also note that your Privacy selection is rigidly enforced so that none of the recipients can share the post with anyone outside your selected audience. 

Therefore it is only your Public posts that can be shared onwards; and in this case only the post can be shared beyond TellTrail membership via email.

Tip: Initially posting as Personal gives the best view of how the item would appear to others and enables you to make corrections if necessary.  

Note that a Privacy of Personal will not be acceptable if the post contains a (quick) Poll however you can always later increase – widen – the Privacy setting and/or add a quick poll in a published item through Edit.

See edit restrictions below.


Unlike Privacy, Circulation limits the post’s viewers by their registered home locations which means that a post can be restricted to a country, a region, a town or even a street.


However, note that your posting options and viewers eligibility will all depend on the address details registered against each respective membership in the website.

i.e. The options presented to you will depend entirely on the home address details in your own Profile.


If “Essex” were chosen for Circulation then only Privacy-eligible viewers whose addresses resolve to include the word “Essex” would be permitted to view the item.


Posting Options

At the foot of the post entry form you will see various option icons as follows:-

Note that Save Draft, Preview or Publish will all require that the content is valid, i.e. compulsory values are specified and compliant.


Share by Email

If you are the author or viewing a Post with Privacy of either Members or Public

then from the item's detail display you may see an option of "Share with ****** by Email"

which leads back to the Invitation layout.


Rest assured that the author's Pivacy setting will not be compromised or bypassed.

New visitors will have to register and achieve the appropriate Member or Contact

status before they can actually view the item and existing Members will just receive a

sharing Notification.


So this can be a useful way of promoting your own post and/or of inviting new

memberships with items of particular interest.


Editing Rules

You can EDIT your Draft items at any time and without restriction.

Published items can be fully edited if they have not been viewed by others, otherwise they only be edited to widen viewership or to add a message of addendum.

These restrictions are in place to maintain the credibility and consistency of shared content.

For these reasons, and especially for more involved content, we recommend initially posting as Personal for review and then increasing readership and possibly adding an embedded Poll once you have verified the appearance.

Then, if there is a genuine error or omission, you can add an Addendum which is then appended to the posting.

Alternatively you can Unpublish and Copy the item through Content Management and then correct the copy (remove “Copy” from the title?) and finally re-Publish the corrected item but please note this process will lose any comments or followers that had been attributed to the original.


Next: See Managing Your Content



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