TTHelp: Reporting Content

Zero Tolerance is automatic in TellTrail - with your help and advice. But it is a serious matter and not to be taken lightly.

Content Reporting

The internet is rife with instances of abusive or offensive behaviour and TellTrail is potentially vulnerable due to our support of anonymity and Privacy throughout.

We hear of other platforms employing staff to routinely oversee and randomly check their members' content but this is an invasion of Privacy and anyway is linked with allegations that particularly offensive material is overlooked because it excites more interest and saleable online time for ad-based platforms.

There are also many reports of those other platforms taking a very long time to react to reports of inappropriate, offensive or copyright breaching material on their sites.

TellTrail is different by design.

We do not routinely scan your Content - but your nominated Viewers do!

So we think its appropriate for them to report what they find questionable.

For such Reports, we ask for a description and category of the perceived problem (Please see the attached image.)

And depending on various parameters our automatic processing may quarantine the item

Quarantined items are immediately withdrawn from published status and held pending review by our Admin staff.

Upheld Complaints
Result in deletion of the offensive material and at least a warning to the offending author

Dismissed Complaints
Result in reinstatement of the affected material and possibly a warning to the offending reporter

Act Responsibly

You as author must assess what is reasonable and acceptable for your selected audience.  Mistakes can happen but you should always err on te side of caution.
However blatant disregard of our Terms and Conditions in any respect and especially offensive behaviour or malicious reporting will be taken very seriously and could result in withdrawal of membership or other disciplinary actions.

Please act responsibly and with due respect and consideration for the sensitivities of your chosen viewer community


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