Have you considered contracting?

 Post-Covid you may still be working from home full- or part-time or you may be missing the freedom from commuing and office nonsense that working from home offered. So....

Have you considered contracting?

There may be many reasons that you are looking for a new job – you could be looking to move upwards, widen your skill base or indeed you may just be bored in what you now consider a limiting role, but before looking for permanent work, have you thought about working as a contractor?

The world of contracting and interim management has moved on hugely in recent years and today there is a whole employment sector comprised of professional people who for one reason or another have chosen not to go the permanent route.

You may well have had experience of contractors working in your company. Often the only thing that people know is that they are earning more money! There are of course many more benefits to temporary working which may convince you to give it a try.

Broadening your skill base – a typical contractor will get involved in important high profile projects that permanent staff will have to wait years to experience. Working on short to medium term projects will give you a highly desirable CV in a fraction of the time it would take working in a permanent role. Not only will you gain experience of the tasks in a role but also different cultures and styles of working giving you an insight into how other organisations work.

Lifestyle – How would you like three months a year off? Money allowing (see below) once your contract is over then the world is your oyster. Many people like to keep working all the way through but equally, others like to arrange their working life to fit in with their other interests and family commitments.

The Buzz – we are all different. Some people enjoy the certainty of a long term position but others really enjoy getting stuck into a meaty project, making a difference and then moving on. Analyse the sort of person you are and decide whether the cut and thrust of contracting life is for you.

Testing the water – If you’ve been looking for permanent work and haven’t been successful in finding something then taking an interim role can help you see what a company is like from the inside. You’ll be able to decide whether it’s the sort of firm you’d like to work for the long term but also employers have an excellent chance to find out first hand that you are the person they would like to have onboard permanently. A surprising number of interims are offered permanent roles.

Rates – there’s no getting away from it, many contractors enjoy higher rates of pay than permanent staff and the favourable tax treatment that comes from working for your own limited company. As you progress in your interim roles the rate available should become more and more attractive.

Variety – contractors have a choice as to whether they specialise in one particular area or alternatively broaden their outlook and look for roles that provide them with fresh challenges every time. Both approaches have their advantages but if you are the type of person that values diversity in your working life then temporary assignments may be for you.

Of course, there are many other benefits to being a contractor, and as with all things in life there are downsides too. Interim management isn’t for everyone but if you are thinking about taking temporary roles then why not talk over your options with one of our experienced consultants?


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