TTHelp: Managing Your PRIVACY

Your PRIVACY is a central feature of TellTrail. Manage who can find and/or message you in the site and by what information or characteristics

Profile Privacy

Select Tools/ Profile Privacy Settings

Controls who can find, view or contact you online

TellTrail is built to protect and preserve every member’s privacy and in support of that aim you already know that we suggest that all members should choose a username and profile image that do not reveal your true identity.

So, by default, only your approved contacts can send you messages directly and/or find you online by searching on more personal data within TellTrail and nobody is allowed to view your Cover Image or age.

These are the minimum allowable settings but if you wanted to allow contact by old school friends, other personal acquaintances or others with similar interests then you should expand these settings accordingly.

Member Searches

Note that every member is able to attempt searches through the Member Browser facility but - as you have seen above - the results of such a search very much depend on the various members’ Profile Privacy settings.


Privacy Additions

Throughout the webite you will see that you have the option to include specific Contacts and Gold Members in your Privacy permissions.

Although Gold Membership is not yet offered, you can use the setting knowing that Gold Members will be those who are regularly ID-verified and therefore more trustworthy than regular anonymous users.


Basic TellTrail membership is - like much of email and social media - essentially anonymous and we at TellTrail take anonymity very seriously to protect members' privacy and safety.

But there risks of dealing with untraceable people and circumstances where it is good to certify that behind the face of anonymity a member is actually ID-verified and therefore, because they are easily traceable, that member is much more trustworthy.

Gold Membership is not yet enabled but will provide ID-Verified status exclusively via the nominal monthly subscription of just a few pence and will entitle the member to additional benefits, facilities and access rights where Gold members have been included in any Privacy settings such as here.


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