Christmas Presence - For Holly

A poem of remembrance and comfort for families that have lost children back to spirit

‘Twas Christmas time, the annual peak, when God is just rushed off His feet

Bringing comfort and joy all over the world and trying to make Christmas complete

And so it was that year; as always before – and so it will go on and on

But when He’d recovered He suddenly saw that one of His Angels had gone!

Well, you can imagine the terrible fuss over how such a thing could occur –

A search was demanded and Angels rushed round so fast that their wings were a blur

St. Peter was asked if he’d seen her go by.  “No” he replied with dismay

“if one of our Angels has gone” he assured “she hasn’t got out through this way”

The search revealed nothing as well you’d expect though they tried every corner Above

“If Holly is missing” St. Paul said at last “then she must have been drawn by great love”

Well now, God isn’t silly – He’s just overworked - and He found in those words quite a clue

So in only an instant He had it worked out and He’d traced His dear Holly to you.

But that posed the problem of what to do next – of how to be firm and yet fair

For Holly was good and deserving a treat, but she had lots of work left – up there

He summoned His Angels together at last and made His decision quite clear

While Holly’s away, her work must be done – they must cover for her for a year

And that’s how it happened, that one Angel short the others all took up the slack

Until the next Christmas when, true to His word, Holly just had to go back

There were tears in her eyes on her joyful return over missing her Mum and her Dad

“Why stay?” asked the others “when you knew it would hurt”; “I’m lucky” she smiled “and I’m glad”

“The love that I shared in those months there on Earth, more than outweigh the hurt and the pain

If I and my family all knew what must be – then I know we would do it again!”


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