Communities of all creeds need to be vigilant and ready to report any extreme behaviour in order to help prevent terrorism and the loss of innocent lives

skulking in the shadows and whispering in the night

extremist voices rise, all convinced that they are right

“we fight for all the victims” is their common rallying cry

“our innocents who’ve suffered and so many who’ve died”


it all sounds so convincing that some justice must be done

that here’s a fight worth fighting, and a fight that must be won.

young men who know no better are so easily deployed

from those with little future living lives of little joy


aggrieved at feeling helpless in the broader scheme of things,

attracted by the glory that they think this struggle brings,

hardened by the movies and by some computer games

they’re ready to be heroes and achieve a little fame.


so, as champions for those they feel so unjustly died,

they target other innocents - just on the other side

they take a gun or bomb into a busy public place

and commit another travesty to publicise their case


forgetting all the rhetoric to face the simple facts

killing unarmed innocents is such a cowardly act

whatever made them headstrong and join in with this fight

no way can two so very wrongs ever make a right


but another hall of coffins isn’t all they’ll have achieved

another faction’s grieving and so righteously aggrieved

and well before the families’ tears have all been shed and dried

angry whispers of revenge rise from that other side


and so the cycle blunders on, each claiming higher cause

planning cowardly genocide with hardly any pause

as militants from one side spur reaction from the other

and innocents must bear the cost of all that fuss and bother


it’s time for change we must agree and mobilise together

to end these pointless tragedies soon and  please for ever

when people talk of holy cause that should be a clear warning

it’s evil deeds they’re planning and evil thoughts they’re spawning


report them to authorities before it gets too late

protect all our communities from the evil at the gate

help us live in peace and all our innocents survive

break the code of secrecy that lets this evil thrive


the new zealand attack is just the latest example of how sick and misguided individuals or groups can think they are somehow justified and courageous in killing innocent and unarmed people going about their daily lives. 

it is everybody's responsibility to report anybody who shows the slightest signs of extremist and/or other mentally imbalanced and antisocial behaviour.  let the authorities investigate and work to prevent these unprovoked ad cowardly attacks.


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