Christmas Spirit

A Christmas Poem

When you wake up in the morning just hoping that it’s snowed

And rush to pull the curtains back to check out down the road

Wide-eyed, excited children keep on tugging at your clothes

And asking if he’s been by now; not thinking how you’d know


When your home is like a fairyland of baubles and of lights,

The walls are hung with greeting cards and maybe some invites

When furniture’s been moved aside to make way for a tree

Then it must be Christmastime – for what else could it be?


The house is filled with treats and food enough to feed the street

You’ll be stuffed more than the turkey before the day’s complete

Familiar songs are playing as they do through every year

And everyone is happy with the annual Christmas cheer


Great smells come from the kitchen as the roast begins to cook

Children dash through parcels with almost no second look

Your home is warm and cosy, no detail overlooked

“What time did I put the turkey in, it can’t be undercooked!”


Somewhere through all that chaos, there’ll come a quieter time

After all the presents and before the games of mime

Then spare a thought for those without the things that you enjoy

Families locked in poverty, the orphaned girl and boy


Countries wracked by civil war, or facing nature’s wrath

No Christmas feast for many who’d be glad to get some broth

This is a time of giving, so please give what you can

To charity or in the street to that cold and homeless man


Raise up your prayers that Peace on Earth might finally arrive

That everyone is blessed with all that’s needed to survive

A thought for all the people who won’t be here this year

Across the globe as well as those you once held very dear


Enjoy your day with family and dear invited friends but

Remember that’s not where true Christmas spirit ends

A little thought and charity can share your Christmas fun

Then Tiny Tim might well declare “God bless us, every one!”


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