Gone Too Soon

A tribute to a very dear friend who I failed to keep in touch with despite tremendous respect & affection. Sorry I wasn't there for you in your illness. Rest in peace old friend.

My very good friend lives quite far away

And so we don’t speak over many a day

In fact it is true though it’s really quite queer

That we’ve not been in touch over many a year


He was always the friend that I was going to meet

But time had rushed by with me dragging my feet

It’s true of course that he could have called

But shocking and sad it’s too late after all


A mutual old friend just sent me the text

Another friend gone and I wonder who’s next?

TP had a cancer it seems from last June

More details are lacking except “gone too soon”


So I’m left to think back on the good times we shared

When we used to go fishing and both had good hair

How we joked through the shift work but got it all done

In days when his humour had made the time fun


In the earliest days he’d stammered a lot

A condition he conquered so well I’d forgot

That the joker with so many punchlines to tell

Had beaten for him what must’ve been hell


But everyone liked him, with his wit and quick smile

Any time spent with him was always worthwhile

And I know it’s absurd as we so rarely spoke

But already I’m missing my friend, that old bloke


I’m sad and I’m sorry for the chances foregone

With each of us busy while time had moved on

But I must just be grateful for the memories I hold

Friendship is for ever while we all must grow old


This man was a blessing, his memory a treasure

Mr P, let me thank you for the fun and the pleasure

Let love and light guide you, regret would be folly

For now you’re at last reunited with Holly


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