Poem: Weight Intervention

Is your loved one killing themselves with food? OBESITY IS A DANGEROUS EPIDEMIC. Showing them this poem might help...

i know you think you’re not obese and hang on to that thought

but do you know that means you’re now an extra yard too short?

someone of your weight should measure over 8 feet tall

so you’re just a healthy person who got crumpled in a fall?


don’t fool yourself or me by saying you don’t have much to eat

somewhere in your day you must be having treats

and in between the chocolate bars, burgers and the chips

you must be eating something else that’s going to your hips


don’t look at me as if you think i’m being quite unfair

your bod just isn’t capable of metabolising air

to get and be the size you are it’s what goes in your mouth

some sticks around your face and neck but most is going south


your chin is disappearing in the collar of your neck

you’re such a lovely person but where’s your self-respect

to let yourself get in this state and do you even care

that very prematurely one day you won’t be there?


if the blubber doesn’t kill you diabetes lies in wait,

a heart attack or stroke and you’re leaving that to fate?

i want you to be happy and live life to the full

i want to grow quite old with you and not dread every call


i can’t pass you in a doorway or pass you on the stairs

and you know i only tell you this because i really care

your heart is pumping blood around an extra mile of pipe

and you probably have apnoea to wreck your sleep at night


your pubes are looking puny though i know you cannot see

one of us knows how they look and that is only me

you can’t sneak up on me whilst i’m watching stuff on tele

‘cos before you’re even in the room i can see your belly


it precedes you through a doorway and it makes it hard to sit

the kids can’t sit upon your lap – there’s nothing left of it!

you cannot take exertion, it makes your muscles hurt

your body’s stretched and straining now just like that old t-shirt


i beg you take control before it gets to be too late

whenever that might be because there isn’t a set date

you have to make a change today for your sake and for mine

‘cos every day you don’t is now a day on borrowed time.