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Advert-Funded Social Media Facebook's sins are well and repeatedly documented including - careless violations of privacy to persistent and invasive tracking, - 'Farming' members by use of deliberately addictive algorithms to present divisive hype, fake news and outrageous conspiracy posts in order to increase revenues at the cost of civil unrest and mayhem - presenting unregulated adverts in factual format allowing election tampering etc. - very slow or ineffective at removing reported offensive and inappropriate material - turning a blind eye to offensive material that could increase views and revenues - Privacy weaknesses,  leaks and "bleeding" through likes  

Oversight & Censorship - routine monitoring of supposedly private submissions whether by AI routines or human "inspectors" - excessive, zealous and personally biased content "moderation"    

Image Centred Social Media Various formats have become a photoshop race for vulnerable youths and teens who can often become depressed that they do not live up to the images & personas presented - even their own! The innocent pursuit of endless "friends" and "likes" increases the risk of exposure to unsavoury elements and paradoxically sadness and even depression at not being a leading "popularity" contender  

Grooming, Sexploitation and Blackmail
Use of fake profiles to attract vulnerable and sensitive individuals into inappropriate and exploitative relationships.  Whether praying on under-aged teens for illicit contact or love-lorn seniors for profit these actors are polished, persuasive and ruthlessly evil.

Trolls & Bullying Trolls and bullies thrive on causing suffering to others from their cowardly shelter of anonymity. Online cruelty can be a ruthless and relentless assault on anyone but has particularly caused misery, depression and tragic consequences among the young.  

How can you get protection?

Join TellTrail for .....

- Ad-Free sharings: TellTrail does NOT include business adverts of any kind
- NO user farming, NO addictive algorithms, NO fake news campaigns
- Real-world Contacts and Friends associations, with separate Privacy management
- Industry leading Privacy settings, easy to use and rigidly enforced
- NO likes, only real comments and followers
- NO routine monitoring, oversight or moderation; YOUR recipients determine acceptability
- Local focus (street, town, community etc.) , Global reach
- Zero-tolerance with AUTOMATIC quarantine of offending material

Join TellTrail for ..... - Free use and genuine Free Speech

- Selling unwanted items for FREE
- Personal Reminders - never forget an appointment, anniversary or age
- Suggesting and reviewing recommended businesses, services, restaurants etc.
- Community support re. Lost & Found items
- Anonymity  - objective usernames and nickname support for familiar contacts
- Requesting
fully anonymised Advice through our community helpline feature
- Open Albums to accept 'donated' images for "Look who is...." and other tribute collections

Join TellTrail for safe and secure social sharing. 

Invite all of your family and associates to automatically build and protect your network of real Contacts and Friends        


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