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PUTIN'S DIRTY WARThose of us who believe in the human rights of freedom, democracy and the ability to say so publicly have always regarded Putin's war on...

  • Author: soapboxjohn
  • Published: 6 Oct 2022
  • Views: 34811
  • Comments: None yet

WARNING  : THIEVES ARE HACKING OFF CATALYTIC CONVERTERS FOR THE SCRAP VALUE! They're slick, they're quick and your car doesn't need to be fancy for them...

  • Author: Nate
  • Published: 6 Oct 2022
  • Views: 28465
  • Comments: None yet

The Russians are running! Ukraine makes significant (re-)gains against a withdrawing Russian army Long may it continue Russia out, Putin out !

  • Author: Steven 6
  • Published: 5 Oct 2022
  • Views: 28230
  • Comments: 1

Who voted for this? Greenpeace ask the question that MUST be on everybody's lips right now

  • Author: planet luvva
  • Published: 5 Oct 2022
  • Views: 25521
  • Comments: None yet

STREAKY BACON IS BEST!As a child I thought back bacon was best and streaky was for cooking with something else like liver of turkey But the manufacturers now...

  • Author: TomP
  • Published: 5 Oct 2022
  • Views: 25519
  • Comments: None yet
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