Paparazzi - The despicable edge of free speech

The tabloid press consistently attracts well-deserved criticism for "creative" journalism but it seems that EVERY news outlet employs the baying hounds that yell and harrass

  • Author: grumpy
  • Published: 26 Apr 2022
  • Views: 157

Anti Depressants Week 2

It was a brutal 2nd week but every step and every day brings a little more healing

  • Author: Deirdre
  • Published: 13 Apr 2022
  • Views: 147

Temping, it could be the best career move you have ever made.

The default method of employment in the UK was to be a permanent employee and historically becoming a temp has been seen as a poor alternative but things are changing

  • Author: bossman
  • Published: 14 Feb 2022
  • Views: 370

Why business is like a three-legged stool

If you’ve ever tried to milk a cow using a three-legged stool then you’ll know how difficult it is. For those of us that haven’t we can only imagine.

  • Author: bossman
  • Published: 14 Feb 2022
  • Views: 369

Anti Depressants - No fun at all

Having suffered a complete nightmare of a marriage and finally broken free I thought - I hoped - I would recover naturally but the tears and fears were just too much

  • Author: Deirdre
  • Published: 14 Feb 2022
  • Views: 351

When you or your downstream neighbours put FAT down the sewer

Emptying fat residues down the sink or toilet is tempting and almost seems sensible when flushed down with hot water but

  • Author: manflu
  • Published: 12 Feb 2022
  • Views: 262

60 Days with the Gypsies - Channel 4

Ed Stafford spent 60 days caravanning with various gypsies & travellers up and down the country in order to report the truth of their lives and the effects of proposed legislation

  • Author: newname
  • Published: 11 Feb 2022
  • Views: 295

Simba - My Beautiful Kitten

Never underestimate the power of an animal companion.

  • Author: Deirdre
  • Published: 16 Jan 2022
  • Views: 410


With a rising number of calls for Boris to step down who could step up?

is Djokovic a mere pawn in Australia's politics??

Australia has 95% Covid innoculation and wants 100% Has their treatment of Djokovic been nothing more than a very successful propaganda exercise??

  • Author: goodaysport
  • Published: 16 Jan 2022
  • Views: 402


Recent talk of Covid passports has sparked a furious debate over personal rights and freedoms, But what about the implications and your SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY?

  • Author: soapboxjohn
  • Published: 15 Jan 2022
  • Views: 399

Ba Ba Ba Boris Bye Bye

British politics is dominated by a pair of real-life Muppet chaacters personified. With Brexit & Covid we needed better than Blustering Boris or Komplaining Kier

  • Author: goodguy
  • Published: 15 Jan 2022
  • Views: 314

No Djok-ing. Quarantine or go home. Either way the open is screwed

Maybe Tennis Australia did got it wrong but SOMEBODY should have checked whether Djokovich coul dREALLY claim entrance to Australia without vaccine or quarantine

  • Author: Sagalout
  • Published: 15 Jan 2022
  • Views: 308

My 1st Christmas of Freedom from an abusive relationship

So, we were into the Holiday Season and the Christmas adverts were in full swing. For the first time in 15 years....

  • Author: Deirdre
  • Published: 28 Dec 2021
  • Views: 507

The Refuge

The reason I chose to tell everyone about this journey is because I knew that there would be a lot of new, and uncomfortable experiences along the way.

  • Author: Deirdre
  • Published: 20 Dec 2021
  • Views: 453

Reconnecting with Family after a period of enforced alienation

Whilst domestic abuse is horrific, and I wouldn’t wish what I have been through on anyone, one positive thing has come from it all. I have managed to reconnect from my family

  • Author: Deirdre
  • Published: 20 Dec 2021
  • Views: 450

The Dream

My worst nightmare! Terrifyingly real I was found

  • Author: Deirdre
  • Published: 18 Dec 2021
  • Views: 460


My advice to anyone having a tough time, whether it be divorce, bereavement, family problems or anxiety: talk to someone.

  • Author: Deirdre
  • Published: 18 Dec 2021
  • Views: 492

Nice paint Lousy tin

Ridiculously thin and feeble lid rim makes it virtually impossible to open

  • Author: tony
  • Published: 17 Dec 2021
  • Views: 423


Those of us that have been there know that up there with moving house and bereavement, divorce is one of the most stressful times .......

  • Author: Deirdre
  • Published: 15 Dec 2021
  • Views: 450